Anne at Home - Pacific Dreams Collection

Embark on a voyage into the enchanting realm of the Pacific Dreams Collection, a harmonious convergence where coastal allure harmonizes seamlessly with contemporary finesse. This meticulously curated selection unveils an array of cabinet handles and knobs, each a tribute to the tranquil charm of the sea and the enduring elegance of modern design. Forged with care from solid pewter by the adept artisans at Anne at Home, these hardware gems transcend mere function to evoke a transformative touch. With a palette of 38 distinct finishes, spanning the spectrum from coastal rustic to the refined sheen of contemporary, this collection invites you to explore its spectrum of possibilities. Handcrafted with pride in the USA, the Pacific Dreams Collection invites you to welcome its ethereal presence, as it graces your cabinetry and furnishings with a gentle whisper of coastal allure and a dash of timeless sophistication.

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