Richelieu Hardware

Richelieu's matte black finish offers a sleek and modern choice for your cabinet hardware. This finish features a deep, velvety black color with a smooth and non-reflective surface, creating a contemporary and minimalist look. The matte black finish beautifully enhances the clean lines and geometric shapes of handles, knobs, oversized/appliance pulls, European bar pulls, backplates, and other types of pulls, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your cabinets. Whether you're designing a minimalist kitchen or a chic bathroom, Richelieu's matte black finish exudes a sense of modernity and style. Its matte texture creates a subtle contrast against other elements in your space, making your cabinets the focal point. With its timeless and versatile nature, Richelieu's matte black finish adds a touch of drama and luxury to any room.

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