Cabinet Hardware

Experience the blend of elegance and versatility offered by our gray-colored cabinet hardware at Our selection encompasses cabinet handles, knobs, pulls, latches, and backplates, each available in a wide array of gray tones. Choose from popular hues such as Ash Gray, Gunmetal, Graphite, Slate, or explore more unique shades including Stone Gray, Deco Gray, and Driftwood. The beauty of gray hardware lies in its adaptable nature. It effortlessly coordinates with diverse color schemes and finishes, beautifully accenting light and dark wood, white or cream-colored cabinets, and even bold, vibrant colors. Our collection is designed to suit a myriad of aesthetic preferences. If your taste leans towards the timeless allure of traditional or Tuscan designs, the ornate intricacies, the simplicity of modern designs, the raw, industrial look, or the homely charm of a farmhouse aesthetic, our gray hardware options are sure to enhance your chosen style, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor.

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