Anne at Home - New Distressed Collection

Uncover the hidden gems within the New Distressed Collection, a mesmerizing synthesis of rustic charm and contemporary finesse. This collection invites you to explore a captivating spectrum of cabinet knobs, handles, and backplates, each a masterpiece that marries sleek lines with echoes of tradition. Intriguingly accented with hammered patterns or rustic-style attributes, these creations are a testament to the artistry of Anne at Home's skilled artisans. Enveloped in an array of finishes, this cabinet hardware is a canvas for personalized expression. Whether you're embarking on a revitalization journey for a classic space or imbuing modern interiors with a final touch of character, the New Distressed Collection emerges as the embodiment of a timeless allure, elevating your decor with its captivating resonance.

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