Du Verre Cabinet Hardware

Du Verre has begun transforming its manufacturing process to reflect global concerns about sustainability and the responsible use of resources and materials. Shifting their manufacturing to the technologically advanced die cast method has provided numerous advantages for our clients and the environment. Du Verre die cast hardware is elegant, precise, consistent and cost effective. Die cast aluminum hardware is precision crafted from post-consumer recycled aluminum. This methodology causes less impact on the environment. Using post consumer recycled aluminum reduces the generation of air and water pollution by 95%, requires only 5% of the energy and greenhouse gasses used in production of new metals, and helps prevent clear-cutting of tropical rainforests. Die cast aluminum hardware allows for precise measurements and consistent finishes, ensuring that each production piece is identical to and as flawless as the original. These new, eco-friendly collections are not only a way to add beauty to your homes décor, but they also allow you to do your part in saving our environment.


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