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Hot Knobs - Mosaic Collection

Our knobs and pulls start as 20 inch by 35 inch sheet of glass. We have access to over 450 various colors and textures. We cut each pieces of glass by hand on a cutting board. We then clean, glue and stack 2 or 3 pieces of glass. This stack is then placed into a kiln and the temperature is slowly raised to 1,450 degrees fahrenheit and slowly brought back down to room temperature. This process takes about 24 hours. The glass is then cleaned again and a standoff is glued on. It takes about 24 hours for the glue to set and cure to full strength.HOT KNOBS is proud to say "Our Glass Knobs and Pulls are handcrafted in Portland Oregon using high quality handmade materials made in the USA."

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  • Hot Knobs - Mosaic - 1 1/2" Knob in Mosaic Color with Aluminum base Hot Knobs - Mosaic - 1 1/2" Knob in Mosaic Color with Aluminum base

    "The PICTURES of these knobs DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE....AMAZINGLY SMART, COLORFUL AND FESTIVE! I liked them so much, I ordered more and added in my utility room. But these went on a bright yellow china cabinet and they are just STELLAR! The knobs added such a fun mood to the piece and the room. Just FABULOUS! Great delivery time and as promised, in perfect condition! Thanks for everything! You made this decorating project turn out SO WELL!"


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