Salo Art Design - Hand-Crafted Hardware

At, we are thrilled to offer Salo Art Design's exceptional cabinet hardware collection, designed to elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen and furniture. Salo Art Design is dedicated to providing high-quality kitchen hardware with a wide range of design options to suit various preferences and budgets. From handles and knobs to oversized/appliance pulls, cup pulls, recessed pulls, and finger pulls, each piece showcases elegance and intricate detailing that sets it apart. Salo Art Design's cabinet hardware selection is divided into three distinct collections: Verona Bronze, Visturo Designs, and Flowerday Design.

The Verona Bronze collection presents original designs by Italian Architects from Northern Italy, who specialize in the creation and manufacturing of solid bronze pieces. These designs pay tribute to the ancient craft and history of working with bronze and its alloys. The collection features a range of handles in traditional bronze-metal finishes, skillfully crafted by contemporary designers. Among the highlights are the Dolomite Stone line, which incorporates stone veneer from the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy, and the Weave line, which showcases straw like patterns braided together. Additionally, the Cosmos line displays polished sides with a textured surface that depicts the night sky. 

The Visturo Designs collection showcases contemporary pieces designed and manufactured in Northern Italy, in the region north of Milan and south of Lake Como. These designs feature captivating contours and shapes, along with consistent, durable finishes. The Smooth and Knurled line offers modern handles and T-knobs in smooth or knurled designs, available in various sizes and five finishes. You have the freedom to mix and match bars with stylized bases to create a truly unique look. Alternatively, explore the Visturo Designs line, offering sleek contemporary styles in five stunning and durable finishes.

The Flowerday Design collection introduces a thoughtful and unique selection of kitchen and furniture hardware from a legendary American Designer. The Metal Meld line by Flowerday Design showcases glass melds created through kiln firing at temperatures up to 1500 degrees, resulting in artistic dual-layer designs. Additionally the Furrowed line offers cabinet hardware with inlays and paired with unique vertical and horizontal fluted designs, while the Perlina line offers cabinet handles and knobs with simple and smooth contours along with beaded borders.

At, we invite you to explore the exquisite craftsmanship and unmatched beauty of Salo Art Design's cabinet hardware collection. With its exceptional attention to detail and a wide range of design options, Salo Art Design is sure to enhance the style and functionality of your kitchen and furniture.